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BladeNode Web Hosting

BladeNode Web Hosting



Phone: +1 (866) 416-7823

Address: 3070 Lakecrest Cir
Suite 301

Lexington, KY 40513

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BladeNode Web Hosting was started with a mission to provide premium hosting at half the price without sacrificing features, reliability, and customer support. We wanted to create a web hosting company that was easy to use, reliable, and that everyone could afford, and backed up by great customer service that is available at 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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BladeNode Web Hosting Customer Reviews

Product: Bladenode
Type of product: Hosting company
Our rating: 10/10
What we think about it:
We have been using Bladenode hosting for our hosting needs since opening Wedlund Enterprise LLC. They host our Wedlundit.com, wedlunddj.com, wedlundenterprise.com and wedlundreviews.com. They have a variety of hosting options available depending on what you need. Their basic plan starts at $5/month and includes a free domain for the first year. There are different tiers for their hosting plans and each successive tier includes a few more things then the one before it. There is no one size fits all for hosting and Bladenode realizes this and so they have a variety of hosting plans.
The registering of a domain through Bladenode is only $11.95 a year which is the renewal price of domains where others can charge upwards of $19.99 a year to renew a domain. I haven’t had the need to transfer in a domain yet, so I can’t comment on the process behind that. Domain purchasing through Bladenode is as simple as picking out the domain you want to register and then deciding on which of their hosting plans you decide on for your domain. If you want to just park your domain at Bladenode for a while, it will cost you $0.50 cents/month.
The responsiveness of tech support at Bladenode is very good. All you must do is submit a ticket on their website and one of their technicians will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting. The owner of Bladenode even answers tickets, so he isn’t so far removed from the day to day operations of his own company. We enjoy that we can put a ticket in when we have issues about our site not loading properly or not loading at all and it is always answered promptly, within 3 or 4 hours, even though the company only promises a 24 hour response time.
Being local to the Lexington, KY area is what drew us to Bladenode. We didn’t want just any company being the hosting site, where if we problems arose we may have to wait for a response from technicians based on a priority system. The owner of the company has reached out to us to ensure that we are satisfied with their level of service. We enjoy a level of service from Bladenode that we haven’t experienced elsewhere with other hosting companies. We looked at go daddy and host gator both of which offer good deals for domains and hosting, but we found it was too easy to get lost in their queue of issues when attempting to get help.
We give Bladenode an A+ for service, as their service has been unparalleled on issue response time. We have thoroughly enjoyed being able to submit tickets and having the owner at times respond to our issues. We enjoy being able to pick up the phone and personally talk to the owner of this company when we wanted to start new domains and hosting plans. When we started wedlundreviews.com we actually called and spoke to the owner about registering the domain and the monthly cost it would incur. While we don’t get discounts for registering multiple domains, we do enjoy a personal level of service from Bladenode that would only be possible to get elsewhere if we were much bigger than we are now.

Best support ever. They not just sell service they are best in class support and they fix problem for you and reply time just about 5 miniuts or more, and best they are frindly and help you to run your busniness somthly.

I have only been with TinkerHost for about a month. I had a bad experience with HostGator before. It has been a pure pleasure to do business with TinkerHost. They have answered any tickets I have had in record time, and never gave me the run around like HostGator did. Needless to say I didn't stay with HostGator very long at all. The only issue I had with TinkerHost was with fixing permissions so that I could use my reseller account. My previous host was owned by the same person, and I only left to get a reseller account with TinkerHost. I knew that I couldn't go wrong with going to TinkerHost from RilexWeb since the same person owns both of them. I was right. I have the same great service with TinkerHost that I had with RilexWeb. I went to RilexWeb from HostGator, and at that time that was the best move I ever made.

I'very loved the service and love the price. I had one small issue early on and Vladimir and his team jumped right in and solved it. As expected, it was an error that I had caused and it took no time at all to fix!

I have had many sites, and just as many hosting companies, but Tinker Host is the best ive ever seen.

Ive been with their parent company for about a year now, and have always been treated fairly, The Owner not only pays consatnat attention to business, but personally assures that every customer is always happy.

The support is quick and professional, and even though i have had almost -0- issues the resolution has been prompt always.

In that year, i can remember no down time except one occasion when server maint was required, and then i was warned in advance, and the down time was very brief.

I would recommend TinkerHost to anyone that requires a flawless web presence, as well as those who just uses it for a hobbyist site. You can see my site at thebestfishforum.com ad feel free to join if you are into fish keeping.

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