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Hoopla Hosting

Hoopla Hosting



Address: Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

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Web Hosting and Server Hosting Specialists.

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Hoopla Hosting Customer Reviews

I have used a few different hosting companies and Hoopla has, by far, exceeded my expectations. The personal service I received when transferring a number of domains from another company was great. Great communication and good value for money too.

Price is slightly higher, than the average, but the services and speed are much better, than the others.
Fast and highly effective support is included!
Nice job guys!

I'm new to Hoopla. I have just transferred our domain from another provider, so just rating on my initial experiences, which have been extremely POSITIVE. I really appreciate the very fast support and definitely recommend them for their professional and efficient service which has gone above and beyond my expectations. As already one my previous reviewers pointed out, it happened same to me, I've gotten emails from Brad at various times of the day (and night) showing he is committed and really into it. You can't expect and get more. Thanks Hoopla! Thanks Brad!

Professional and speedy service. Brad Hooper has been very patient and helpful in assisting me with my numerous questions and requests.

Quick & efficient.

Far and away the best support I have ever had from a hosting company. I've had a reseller account with Hoopla for about 2 years and have absolutely no complaints. Brad responds to issues with speed and efficiency, knows what he is doing, and consistently goes well above and beyond what should be expected of hosting support.

We have been with Hoopla for a couple of months now and can't fault them. Great support and services. Awesome.

Remarkably fast responses. Effective solutions. 5/5

Had a bit of a mission of a time dealing with previous provider. Love the Hoopla Dashboard.

Appreciate the efficient service received by Brad and Nic.

Thanks team!

Brad was very prompt and helpful when he responded to my questions. He even made suggestions that helped me solve a problem that was actually related to my own computer, something that was quite hard to realise on my own. Very appreciative.

Had a problem that (not surprisingly) ended up being a setting on my end.
Hoopla worked through the problem step by step (very patiently) and got me sorted.
Absolutely rapt with Hoopla. Whenever I have had a question their response has been very prompt, and always useful.



Hoopla have been excellent. Knowledgeable, fast and personal service. They've patiently answered my hosting questions, fixed issues that I should really know how to solve myself, and all answered really quickly.

I can't recommend them highly enough.

Brilliant. Very fast set up when needing to move from another provider. Prompt and intelligent help when required.

Great service. Would happily recommend it.

Wow. I've been with two overseas Web hosts before coming to NZ. Hands down, I'm happy.

Brad spent an extended amount of time on transferring my sites from ipage. Very helpful. And I'm almost set up with my three websites.

Very happy with the speed at which my webpages are loading. Gone from 8secs with ipage to 2 - 3 seconds.

Brad and the team at Hoopla Hosting surpass all other hosting services by far. Their customer service is incredible, and their prices are super affordable. I have experience with many different services, GoDaddy, 24/7 Hosting and FlexiHost to name a few, and Hoopla Hosting is definitely a breath of fresh air. Thanks Hoopla Hosting!

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