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Expat Vision

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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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Best thing since sliced bread,love it.

Country Deutschland

Honestly, I hardly ever take notice of these testimonials as I'm convinced they are fabricated by fictitious customers by the company. However, this system is brilliant. I'm currently watching all the channels 10 minutes after subscribing. It's fantastic. No buffering, no freezing, and I'm on an average Internet speed. Excellent service, wished I'd found it years ago. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Country Dubai

I subscribed to Expat Vision a couple of months ago. I cannot express my satisfaction with the service enough. The variety of channels and the picture quality is much better than my old Sky satellite system. Minimal buffering. Technical assistance and on-line support has been second to none. There was a major technical hitch with the servers yesterday that was quickly and efficiently resolved. A high-quality service provider at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Jun 25, 2014

Nick its great news to see such positive reviews it really makes us happy when we see comments like this especially on a day like today when we are put to the test to get everything back up. Thanks glad your happy !

We are new to expat vision, having just lost uk connections due to sattelite re-positioning. The whole process has been assisted by patient operators who have helped us from day one. as with all new systems via the net there have been a few niggles, but all have been dealt with quickly and without fuss. the picture quality is very good, and the whole package is excellent value for money.

Country spain

Feb 28, 2014

Aren't we glad we found Expat Vision!
Our previous provider was a headache.
So our thanks to James for his help in signing up and since, to the young lady on Live Chat and a special thanks to local engineer Liam for his guidance to two technophobic OAPs and his endless patience. His help and attitude for a young man was a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

Country Cyprus

2021 - the past two years service is patchy, intermittent, and at times I am spend more time on the expat technical chatline than I do with my own kids.. Only reason for staying with it - they are the only ones who offer the sport channels!!!

Country Hong Kong

Absoluetly terrible happy to take my money but everytime pretty much I went to use this service I had to contact support. When the box stopped working no support just buy your own no help to say which box. Just want your money and a haphazard service. Real shame as I work in a community of expats and would have shared how great the service was but it just wasn't. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Don't waste your money.If they actually updated there systema nd gave a free trial I would consider as it is every thing I want but hat isn't an option.

Country Thailand

I wrote review a few weeks ago explaining my difficulty in obtaining a refund from Expat Vision which I had been told by their staff was to be paid to me. Since then,and despite two further Live Chats with their team during which I was assured the payment would be quickly paid- no payment has arrived. I would never deal with them again and I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of dealing with them,to think very carefully first. I plan to report the organisation along with the names of all that I have dealt with there to the police.I would have given them zero stars but can not see how to achieve that .

Country United Kingdom

System has never worked properly, constant freezing of channels especially at peak times, weekends and all premium channels, Movies and Sport are shocking, tried customer support who waste all your time incorrectly blaming your internet. Contacted them regularly and very rarely are they able to make it better. Promise to get tech support to contact you back, but never do. System is flawed and getting worse.

Country Australia

I dealt with an organisation which called itself Expat Vision.It had a Help Desk at an address at HelpDesk 24/7, Blake Building Suite 102, Eyre & Hutson Street, Belize City.They agreed to pay me a refund a considerable time ago as their box did not work .I have chased them and chased them for payment without success.I am about to report this to the police .If you are thinking of dealing with this organisation I would be very careful.If the review site allowed I would give them zero stars

Country Europe

Cancelled after 3 years of continuous pausing and tech issues. Switched to an alternative provider for half the price. Expat's servers just aren't up to scratch. It's only now that I've switched do I realise how poor this service is. Good riddance.

Country Australia

I had ExPat Vision for over 2 years. For the first year I found it fantastic but just over a year ago they started to go downhill. I've had issues with a few channels skipping making watching catchup impossible. 12 months later the channels haven't been fixed. A month ago I started getting problems with more Channels this time Sky and BT Sport channles. I contacted them everyday about the issues and was told different things (LIES) and despite 30 days of the service not working they would not offer any compensation so I looked for a new provider and found Cosmic who offer 14 day catch up, more than double the amount of channels and catchup in HD for half the price. The quality of stream is also much clearer and I've had no problems. ExPat Vision are currenty rebranding again and it looks like they've lost the good staff I used to deal with when I had problems.

Country USA

I have used ex pat vision for three years and although expensive they were ok. Today I had a technical issue and all I got all day was being fobbed off.
Very very unhappy and very very unhelpful.

Country SPAIN.

Very poor service, just continuous freezing on most channels and other issues. You complain and are told the technicians are working on it, but nothing ever improves.

Country Greece

This system started well but recently has been awful...not 2 days have run successively without freezing issues and sound problems. We paid a lot to install this mainly for sport which is unwatchable

Would not recommend this at all...
Tech support is shite too...

Country Greece

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