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SimplexWebs is a leading provider of UK web hosting services. Since 2009 we've developed a clientele of thousands who rely on us to deliver a phenomenal experience. We pride ourselves on being an awesome company.

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SimplexWebs Customer Reviews

I've been with SimplexWebs over a year now, and throughout my experience with Web Hosting over the years, this has by far been the best. Amazingly fast and informative support, affordable prices and crazy deals, beautiful website, and generally an overall 11/10 experience. I am looking forward to my next year of hosting with them!

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thanks, Thomas! We're glad you're happy. 2013 will have a lot of exciting new things to come!

They're simply brilliant - good pricing, rapid support with excellent knowledge and pure professionalism

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Tom, thanks for the review! We're happy that you're happy. We won't change any time soon.

We have been using Simplex to host our Shoutcast stream, Dance Web Radio, for a while now.

They have proved to be the most reliable host we have used, with near perfect up time, which is vital to us to maintain a creditable stream.

The few problems we have had have been dealt with quickly and we have been kept informed of the situation at all times.

Keep up the good work guys, I would recommend you 100%.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thank you, Phil. I'm glad we've proved to be reliable serving your Internet radio.

Jun 29, 2012

We have been a customer of SimplexWebs for almost a year now, hosting our non-profit organization's site with them.
The level of features offered by Simplexwebs' "Enterprise Hosting" plan was what drew us in: the company was very forward and open about its infrastructure and resource limits (which is not that common) and for a very good reason; it offered probably the most generous resources along with a guarantee on maximum accounts per server that would allow actual use of these resources by every client.
What kept us with SimplexWebs however was the actual level of service provided; the speed and reliability of their servers, their top-notch quality support and their professional, but also friendly, attitude.
The level of service provided by SimplexWebs has not only been consistently great, it has actually been raised, with the upgrades that the company has gone through in terms of server hardware and network infrastructure this past year.
We can't see ourselves changing hosts, since this would most definitely involve settling for less and SimplexWebs has spoiled us with its abundance of features and top quality service.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thank you for the great review of our Enterprise hosting!

Pros = amazing service support. Always courteous, and support tickets answered within a few minutes. Never encountered that anywhere else. They always resolve the problem, which have been very few and far between. I don't understand any of the technical stuff behind web hosting, but would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people - and I'm not normally in the habit of recommending things like this.

Cons = absolutely none!

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thank you, Mike. Don't worry - we take care of the technical things so you don't have to.

The best.

I've been with SimplexWebs since the start and haven't once had a major problem. Their support team is absolutely amazing (Most of my tickets are answered in minutes) and the quality of hosting is unbelievable.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Illya, thank you for the review! Our support team sure are unrivalled and they always be.

SimplexWebs are without a doubt the best company out there for web hosting. The quality service I have received since I first registered for my Enterprise Hosting package was outstanding. The only downtime I have ever had was the time when they moved the servers to the new datacentre. This dramatically increased the speed of my website without a price increase!

Overall I would recommend SimplexWebs for any service, not just Web Hosting as they have the skills and expertees to deal with anything you throw at them.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thanks, Oliver! We're happy you're happy. Thanks for the recommending us to others!

I've been with SimpexWebs since the start, they have been fantastic. The uptime is incredible, the support is fast and pricing is affordable and top class. Overall, it's my number one web hosting company on the web, not even one problem with them.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

We're glad you're happy with our uptime, support and pricing, Ryan! Don't expect anything less.

I was with SimplexWebs for a few months about a month ago and then moved away because I felt I was paying a little too much. But, not for long. I realised that the reason their prices are slightly more is because of the quality you are getting. I've got a cloud VPS with them and it's ridiculously fast for my website, and it runs really well.

The support team, well...they're amazing and fast (Especially Harry, Tim, Matt and Tom)

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thanks, Dominic. I will pass special thanks to Tim, Matt & Tom.

These guys are so awesome, that they're the first host I ever recommend to anyone when they ask!

I've been with SimplexWebs for about 2 years now. I've never had any major problems, and if I ever had a tiny problem, Support would fix it up and send a confirmation message in less than ten minutes!

I've even accidentally deleted a site that took me over a year to create, and I got it back online in less than ten minutes with their backup services and support team.

Absolutely brilliant hosting.

SimplexWebs is doing it right.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Karan, thanks for a lovely review. I'm glad support managed to save your bacon when you got into a muddle.

SimplexWebs hosting is amazing. The overall speed of the enterprise hosting packages is amazing - perfect for low level PHP application development, and running the latest scripts like WordPress.
The support I have received from there help-desk is second to none - the responses are great and more importantly fast.
I have experienced other hosting companies of the past, and even left SimplexWebs - but have course returned as nobody can match up to them.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Connor, I'm glad our Enterprise hosting is right for you. Thanks for the review!

I have now been with SimplexWebs 8 - almost 9 months, and I have to say - they're fantastic.

They resolve things in minutes. They even have helped resolve things that are outside the scope of their support team to do so.

They've been keeping a very stable uptime history.

I would have absolutely no worries hosting my most important sites there.

Thanks Harry, Matthew, and the rest of the team! I appreciate it.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Kristoffer, thanks for the review. I'm glad we've proven to be reliable enough for your important sites.

SimplexWebs is unexceptionable.
Since I am with them I never had problems. When I needed assistance for configurations everything was working in less than 2 minutes.
I am not paid to say these things, these guys are really the best, their daily great job speaks for them with the voice of serious quality.
Thanks SimplexWeb

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

We appreciate your business, Matteo. Don't expect anything less than the SimplexWebs service!

I have been a customer with Simplex for many years, and have never had major problems. They provide excellent services, with a fantastic support team - something you don't always get with a company.

Their support ticket responses are excellent - mostly replied within a few minutes.

I'd personally like to thank the team at Simpex fir all of their hard work and effort in building a company that has come a long way.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thanks for being a long term customer, Shane. We appreciate your custom!

I was recommended Simplex. The guys keep in touch about upcoming improvements, which is great. On the odd occassion when there's been a technical glitch they have communicated fully, with explanations of whats happened and what they are doing about it. I feel the Simplex guys really care about their service quality and I like being one of their customers.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Nick, thank you for your review. Communication and transparency is key - we'll keep up the good work.

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