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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

This is not a paid review. It is my own experience with various hosting companies! I am a customer of Stable Host – a hosting company. I have been using their premium hosting service allowing me to have multiple web-site domains. I have been searching for the excellent hosting company for a long time. I also have a long term experience with Go Daddy and I wanted to change them. The reason for changing Go Daddy and going with Stable Host is: Go Daddy has the weakness to charge for every single thing. Their prices are getting higher and higher, they are not flexible with their customers and they make it difficult on you if you would like to remove, a second authentication process on your account. One of the most important thing when choosing a hosting company is for the hosting company to provide a great customer service. Stable Host not only exceeded my expectation but provides fast response on every single question I may have. I actually found them through a recommendation in an eBook. They were highly recommended especially if you are planning to have a Word Press website. Frankly, I battled a lot to choose a hosting company but based on the eBook’s author recommendation, I decided to try them out. I must say, I never thought I will need their customer service. Just thought to build the website fast and then forget about it. Therefore, many people say building a website is a breezy time, very fast and easy. Do not listen, building a website especially with Word Press is not that easy. You need many skills, knowledge how to use Word Press properly. The platform is very sensitive and in the beginning you will be forced to eliminate many errors. Then you need the communication with the host team because there are certain things you will not be able to do from your side. And if the hosting company cares for you as a client they will help you out. Stable Host helped me out on every single small or large problem. I even received fantastic recommendations how to optimize my website from them. They will be there for you with suggestions how to go easier through errors or recommend steps to do in order to resolve a problem. I am more than happy with Stable Host, what a fantastic hosting company they are! They have various plans to choose from for various hosting needs. I was planning to host my website on my own server but after learning about it how I will double the work on my shoulders instead of concentrating to make my website successful I decided to go with a paid service. Stable Host removes the heavy burden from hosting my website on my own server and fixes all the issues that appear when you need them. Having the right hosting company is extremely important for a website owner. Another story to add to my long review is: Two years ago I hired a web developer to build my website. The web developer gave me a good price to build my website and host it on his own server. I gladly accepted the offer. Then the website turned out to have many errors and needed lots of work to fix. The web developer took the money and ran away. Then I tried to fix his work and the website crashed. I needed the web developer to access his server and put my website back. There was no more response, simply he took the money and ran. Here is a story for anybody who must be very careful what type of hosting company he uses. Thankfully, I had my domain with Go Daddy and was able to choose Stable Host to be my hosting company and rebuild my website from scratch again. I wish everyone luck in their web site ownership and website work and would highly recommend to choose Stable Host for their website needs. You can check their packages here: https://www.stablehost.com/web-hosting.php and talk with their support team if you have any concerns or questions before buying any product from them you can contact them directly: https://www.stablehost.com/contact-us.php.
Stable Host also provides services on the territory of USA and on the territory of Europe. Depending on your website customer needs you may need to decide or discuss with them which is the best package for you.
At last I would mention that you should have fair expectations from your hosting company. If you choose Stable Host as your hosting company, do not expect them to fix every single error or know how to code or fix errors from the front side, fix errors from Word Press or errors with your theme or errors coming from wrong code or simply expect them to give you the knowledge to build a website or build a website for you. You will need to put your own work to build a website and use Stable Host support team when the problem is not in the front end or simply you are running out of options and have been fighting for couple of days to fix your own website issue.
Stable Host support team is the hardest working team I have known and if you are a good communicator you will be happy using their services!

Try them out, and you will never leave! You will end up been the happiest customer like me!

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