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Address: Kitsilano - online business
Vancouver, BC v6j2c4

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Are your boots always flopped over in the closet, ruining their structure and taking up valuable closet space? Shape Your Bootie has the solution. Roll them up, pop them into the top of any boot. They expand to fit the boot and keep it up right and standing at attention. Give your boots the treatment they deserve! Love your boots!

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Shape Your Bootie Customer Reviews

Thrilled with my purchase of Shape Your Bootie. They are a simple, but brilliant design! I highly recommend the product and it is a Canadian company to boot - pun intended!

These are awesome, they look so simple but do the job perfectly, even on my really tall (thigh high) boots. Glad to throw away all the paper stuffing and happy to support a Canadian company!

A great product. Easy to use, easy to store. So much better than the blow up ones!

So simple, smart and easy to use. Works great and cleaned up my dog pile of boots so quickly. Perfect solution and extras can be stored flat taking up no room at all.

Am very pleased...beats stuffing my boots with paper to keep them upright. Simple and quick to use and service was good as well.

Great product and great customer service! Have already spread the word on "shaping your booties!"

Jan 30, 2013

Great product for reasonable price! Happy boots!

Great product, great fit ,work very well my boots love them. if your looking for a lift for your boots look no further!!!

Great customer service. What a great product. Love them.

Love the product...they arrived quickly in the mail and are absolutely perfect. Great customer service & a great product. Will recommend them to my friends too!

My sister-in-law gave me a pair for Christmas and I just love them. Now the rest of my boots are jealous so I just had to find out where she got them and get more!

I love these shapers. I was tired of my boots getting stepped on because they were laying down. Having to constantly clean them was getting tiring. The boot shapers keep the boots upright and clean!

I am very happy with my product.Ordering was quick and easy and I loved receiving a personal e-mail about when the product was going to be shipped.

I love my bootshapers! I actually just put in an order for more, shared the website on my Facebook page, and recommended them to my sister and niece.
They are by far the most economical of all the boot shapers out on the market and so easy to use and lightweight, also easy to store when not in use.
I also had fast great service!! :)

Love the boot shapers! Finally a solution for keeping your boots upright that is easy to insert and doesn't take up any storage space when you are not using them. An added bonus was that I was able to pick them up locally and not incur and shipping charges!

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