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Are your boots always flopped over in the closet, ruining their structure and taking up valuable closet space? Shape Your Bootie has the solution. Roll them up, pop them into the top of any boot. They expand to fit the boot and keep it up right and standing at attention. Give your boots the treatment they deserve! Love your boots!

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Shape Your Bootie Customer Reviews

Thrilled to find such a great product at a reasonable price. Shape Your Bootie keeps my boots in great condition and my shoe closet organized!

I researched products similar to this one, but some looked cheap and review of them said they broke. So I decided on this shape your bootie one. Simple, easy to use, take up almost no room to store if not using, and does the trick! My tall boots now will keep their shape and stand tall!

I'm back for more, I love these things so much. It's Shape Your Bootie's fault that I keep blowing my budget on more and more new boots :)

Awesome product and fabulous customer service!!
I am thrilled that this is a Canadian company and they use non-toxic material to make the product. I have no hesitation to recommend this product!

Fantastic product, and great value. Many products are complicated, expense, and hard to find. These couldn't be simpler!

Such a perfect, inexpensive, simple solution to "boot flop". Customer service - five stars.

Such a great product. Everyone who owns boots needs these- I will definitely be recommending them to everyone I know. Great customer service and love to be supporting a local company :)

Love the boot shapers! I've seen other more expensive boot shapers on the market, and these are so much cheaper and work just as well! Very pleased with my purchase.

I have been nothing but impressed and delighted with my purchase. The cost was ridiculously affordable, the product itself is lightweight and easy to use, and it completely lives up to its name. Both my daughters and I have been using them and not only are our boots in better shape, but now our closet is also organized and tidy. My only regret.....that I didn't think of this product myself. Congrats Shape Your Bootie.......even the name rocks\!!!

These are SUCH a great product - they are only as big and as 'robust' as they need to be - unlike other boot shapers out there that are SO over designed and therefore unnecessarily expensive.

And Shape Your Bootie are CANADIAN - love when I can support a home-grown company!

Inexpensive and perfect -- why had I not heard about these earlier? Bought one for every pair of boots I own!

Works fantastic & Amazing service. So much better than sticking water bottles or folded cardboard or pieces of odd-shaped foam into my boots. I went all out and bought 16 pairs for my sister and myself. Thanks Shana!!!

Excellent product. It is a very clever design which is a fine substitute for the large and expensive traditional top handled split wedge shapers. My wife thought they were so effective she bought more and is also giving some as gifts. Well done

I ordered these today, picked them up today and tried them out today. They work and I'm delighted. I'm giving some to my daughter and some to my sister for Christmas.

I think they work with tall boots but it would be nice if there were shorter ones for ankle boots or adding cut marks that would make it easier to shorten them if we wanted

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