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Shape Your Bootie



Phone: +01 (604) 733-2661

Address: Kitsilano - online business
Vancouver, BC v6j2c4

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Are your boots always flopped over in the closet, ruining their structure and taking up valuable closet space? Shape Your Bootie has the solution. Roll them up, pop them into the top of any boot. They expand to fit the boot and keep it up right and standing at attention. Give your boots the treatment they deserve! Love your boots!

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I did a fair bit of research online before ordering these. I took the leap because of all the great reviews and I am so glad I did. I really really like them. (I ordered 2 sets of four.) Communication with the company was top notch. They were shipped promptly. I would highly recommend. I do wish, like others have mentioned, that they also came in a size for short boots too.

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